Simultaneous submissions are acceptable and encouraged. For fiction especially, if your work is accepted elsewhere (congratulations!), please withdraw it.

For poetry, there is no need to withdraw your submission unless multiple poems have been placed elsewhere. You always have the option to decline a contract. If you feel you must notify us, please send us a note.

Please do not submit work that has been published in print or online. This includes but is not limited to work appearing in other journals, newspapers, magazines, or publicly accessible blogs.

At this time, our publication frequency is currently unknown even to us as we are just starting out. We plan to publish issues online as well as in print and we hope to work up to a steady and a reliable publication frequency.

Submissions are open from January 1st – June 30th.  We reserve the right to close submissions from time to time as we catch up on reading submissions.

We anticipate a quick response time initially. Fiction currently has a longer turnaround time than poetry. Please feel free to query after 4 months by sending us a note.

When you submit your work, we take that as an indication you’re interested in Saint Augustine’s  Magazine and our work, so we will add your email to our mailing list. We send a monthly newsletter, and once in a while an extra email, but we do our best not to overload in-boxes, and of course you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

If your work is accepted for publication, please refrain from submitting again for a year.

For Poetry

Each submission can contain up to three poems.

For Flash Fiction

We are open to both mimetic and speculative fiction.

Our main criterion is the excellence of the story.

Submissions should be no longer than 1,200 words.

For Visual Art

We are open to visual art by students, alumni, staff and faculty of Saint Augustine’s University.

​For Personal Narratives

While our poetry and fiction will be open to the international community, we are looking for visual art and personal narratives from Saint Augustine’s University alumni that focus on sharing how they have utilized their education to create success and professional advancement.

Rights and Payment

We cannot offer cash payment at this time. This is something we would like to build up to. At this time, payment for accepted work is one copy of the magazine.