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Chris Gordon is a senior at St. Augustine’s University projected to attain his BA in English in May 2019. He is a native born New Yorker who spent the majority of his childhood in the Caribbean nation of Grenada. Prior to attending St. Augustine’s Gordon, served as an Information Technology Specialist in the Marine Corps. After completing his tour of service at Marine Corps Air Station New River in Jacksonville North Carolina, he moved to Raleigh to complete his degree. He plans to pursue a career in education and has ambitions of working in curriculum development and educational policy. 

Garrett Davis is a junior majoring in English at Saint Augustine’s University and he is  from Rochester, New York. As a reader, Garrett is known for sharing books with his professors. As a writer, he has had articles published in the Falcon Forum on a wide range of topics from sports features to the importance of Nina Simone.

Alcion Thompson is a junior majoring in computer science at Saint Augustine’s University. He is from the Bahamas and now lives, works and studies in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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