First and foremost, we look forward to reading your poems and stories. When our issues are released twice a year for our online issue and once for our print issue, we hope you’ll check out the work we select. All are welcome to submit to us on our fine Duosuma Submission Manager through Duotrope’s Digest, an ethical and helpful resource for writers
and publishers.

Saint Augustine’s Magazine is located at Saint Augustine’s University, a Historically Black College/University in Raleigh, NC. Like our university’s namesake, Saint Augustine of Hippo, we believe in staying true to your roots. What we mean by this is we seek to publish all those who do not forget where they came from or their humble beginnings. In other words, if you’ve fished or shrimped for a living as a teenager to survive, for example, we want to see those poems and stories no matter your current standing or social status. We want to see your experiences come through in your poetry, prose and visual artwork.

We really respect works of experience, and what we mean by this is no matter our demographics, us humans are all are bound by universal experiences such as addiction, war, loss, recovery, love, work, parenting/caretaking and fear, either directly or indirectly (Greene 2020). Empathy allows us to see the world through the lens of our fellow global citizens and we so appreciate when poets and writers and visual artists have the ability to convey empathy that allow us to connect across the demographics.

Among Augustine’s many contributions to the world, he is the patron saint of brewers, printers, and sore eyes so send us your best. While respecting how far our University has come, the focus of Saint Augustine’s Magazine is on works of resilience. As in Saint Augustine’s Confessions, we also believe in the power of redemption so the work we accept must be grounded within the experiences of the human condition.