Throughout this year we have embarked on hardships like we have not seen the likes of before.
       COVID has been an ongoing challenge, misinformation has threatened the public while screams for social justice and civil unrest are heard throughout the media.
        Difficulties and struggles came with the pandemic. Our Saint Augustine’s University was especially impacted by personal losses though we are proving our resilience as a community. In December 2021, we officially launched Saint Augustine’s Magazine. It brings me great pleasure to write this message on behalf of all the staff, both our former and current team members, who worked tirelessly to get Saint Augustine’s Magazine off the ground.
       Each article was handcrafted by first-hand experience. We tried our best to capture our campus life and to bring it to you in the form of this magazine. I want to thank Dr. Rob Greene who is our Faculty Advisor. Without his insights and determination this magazine would have been a casualty to the pandemic. We are especially grateful to our campus’ leadership team who are giving us this opportunity to bring this issue to you.
       Thank you to our contributors and our staff. Now enough from me, we hope you enjoy our magazine.

Chris Ingram, Senior Editor